Stéphane Bataillon was born in 1975 in Montreuil (France). Poet, writer and journalist, he holds the position of digital editor-in-chief at Bayard Jeunesse and founder of the webradio for kids Radio Pomme d’Api. He is an author and partner at Éditions Bruno Doucey as well as a member of the editorial board of the sound poetry review DONC (at Éditions Thélème). He also participates in the literary and design review PAN (magnani editions).

Bataillon’s work focuses on short and minimalist poetic forms, nano-literature, and experiments in digital writing. He aims at a simple and intentional lyric poetry – whether written, visual or sound poetry –, passed on through our time’s networks. His is an intimate, 0/1-intermittent, way of probing our technical environment and to freely reclaim these technologies.

He co-directed an anthology of French-speaking poets for Seghers, and edited and introduced Guillevic’s unpublished Humour blanc (White Humour). In 2010, he published his first collection of poetry at Bruno Doucey – Où nos ombres s’épousent (Where Our Shadows Wed); then his second, in 2013: Les Terres rares (Rare Earths). The second edition of Où nos ombres s’épousent was published in 2016, again by Bruno Doucey, expanded with an unpublished text. Bataillon also authored a collection of nursery rhymes (ed. Tourbillon), children’s books and several scenarios for graphic novels (ed. Bayard), and game books (ed. Pearson).

He works in schools to share the joys and strength of poetic creation with the children.

His personal website, www.stephanebataillon.com, has been online since 2005. It hosts Stéphane Bataillon’s almost daily poetic experiments, as well as the free monthly online poetic magazine Gustave.