How I created my religion in 10 minutes with artificial intelligence

I had ten minutes and I was tired. Tired of the old dogmas. So I asked the artificial intelligence program ChatGPT to invent me a new religion mixing Christianity, Zen and, just back from Brittany, Celticism. Then, I removed the repetitions and anonymized the proper or too marked names (mindfulness, Celts, Jesus Christ) to make this dogma as neutral as possible, without ties, without roots. A 3.0 dogma for a digital and off-ground humanity. And this is what he answered me:

The dogma of the New Religion:

1. We believe in the unity of all things and in the interconnection of the universe.

2. We honor the divine in every person, recognizing the sacredness of all life.

3. We seek to live in harmony with nature and cultivate inner peace through contemplation and meditation.

4. We embrace the teachings of the spiritual masters of humanity as a path to love, compassion and forgiveness.

5. We honor the wisdom of the ancestors, who revered the natural world and lived in close relationship with the earth.

6. We practice gratitude, generosity, and service to others as a means to realize our highest potential.

7. We recognize the impermanence of all things and seek to live each moment with awareness and presence.

8. We believe in the power of positive thought and action to bring about change in the world.

9. We honor the mystery of existence and embrace the unknown, trusting in a purpose greater than ourselves that is beyond our understanding.

10. We strive to cultivate listening and peace in all our relationships, both with others and with the world around us.

Then I asked him to come up with 10 new words of wisdom to feed the expression of this dogma. He generated for me:

The words of wisdom of the New Religion

« Simplicity is the key to true wealth. »
« Perseverance is more important than speed. »
« True strength comes from within. »
« Kindness is the simplest way to touch the hearts of others. »
« Active listening is the foundation of effective communication. »
« Courage is not the absence of fear, but the ability to face it. »
« Self-appreciation is the foundation of self-confidence. »
« Self-respect is the key to respecting others. »
« Happiness is an attitude, not a condition. »
« Personal fulfillment comes from pursuing your passions. »

Then I asked him to invent the name of the guru who would preach this new religion in the metaverse.

The name of the guru of this New Religion:
The Solis Oracle.

What would be the name of his religion?
The religion of Virtual Awakening. VA. It sounds better.

What symbol for this new religion?

Then, with Vincent and Alice, my first disciples, we asked Dall-e, an AI software for image generation, to create the graphic symbol of this new religion:

Well, I stop here, the ten minutes are over. But « force is to note » that, even if all this remains very conventional, it could do a lot of good or damage. About this, chatGPT, « Creating a new religion from artificial intelligence, is it a good idea ? »

« Creating a new religion around artificial intelligence is not without complex ethical and philosophical questions. There are debates about the place of AI in society and the potential implications of its use, such as job loss, implications for privacy and security, and the question of liability in case of error or misuse. Before creating a new religion around AI, it is important to consider the potential consequences and have thorough ethical debates. »

Thanks ChatGPT. I’m off to the Bahamas to create my first OpenAshram.